A Happy Afternoon

CG lunch gathering at our place today, to just enjoy some food and (Wii) fun, catch up a bit on our lives, and celebrate Thomas’ 22nd Birthday!

Snapshots of the afternoon’s events. :)

CG Party 2Aug09

Made a chocolate-banana cake for Thomas, same as I made for Von a few weeks back. Merged two recipes – the cake is a zebra cake, and the frosting and filling is from here. I love the frosting – it’s easy to make and spread, and freezes up nicely in the fridge, now that I’ve got the hang of mixing the cream and chocolate well, and getting more skilled with the icing.

After the feast, it was a solid 2 hours plus of Wii action, with us taking turns to play! So much fun, and a lot of shrieking! :D Hee… hope my heighbours dun mind…

I really love our CG :)

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2 thoughts on “A Happy Afternoon

  1. hihi! just saw ur blog fr yann’s site :) and saw my cousin-in-law jingya in this pic, n rem’d u’re CG mates – just droppin a note to say HI :D

    • Hello! Wow, long time no see… ya when she told me you were her cousin I was quite stunned. This really is a small world… :) Heh heh

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